About us

Your Broker for the European market

Travelling throughout many countries around the globe – advising entrepreneurs, implementing entrepreneur support programs and co-developing impact finance tools, I always took the time to explore the culture (and art) of typical alcoholic spirits of a country.

Hence, building my own portfolio of diverse type of national spirits – from rum, aquavit, vodka and strange liqueurs or moonshine you’re nervous to take home with you (customs). That said, visiting the entrepreneurs I felt energized and admired of the passion, drive and the link with sustainability of many of the craft distillers.
And with some I developed a friendship – supporting them in finding external capital to expand their business and subsequently introducing them to the Dutch/EU market.

And with The Rum Barrel – a boutique firm, I aim to guide and promote craft distillers (spirit brands) to customers in Europe. Being a small firm, the playbook is a simple desire to help another business grow.

The Rum Barrel develops international sales & distribution networks for the international spirits industry. Our network includes chain intermediaries, trade promotion agencies, retailers and market experts. Being a small firm – with a global network – we guarantee a consisted level of quality, time efficiency and value for money.

Additional support areas

Access to finance

Specialized in raising growth capital, having relationships and primarily target investors
that are interested in specific market sectors.


Support your brand gaining competitive advantage on sustainability topics (CSR, ISO26000).