Reaching new markets through a dedicated agent

The Rum Barrel develops international sales & distribution networks for craft distillers (niche brands). Our network includes spirits wholesale distributors, trade alcohol suppliers, warehousing, trade promotion agencies, retailers and market experts. Furthermore, we provide support on raising investment capital and boosting sustainability in your business. Being a small firm – with a global network – we guarantee a consisted level of quality, time efficiency and value for money.


Market Assessment
Identifying the unique value proposition of your product. Review and connect with spirits wholesale distributors, trade alcohol suppliers & market experts.

Market Development
Identifying the ideal alcohol distribution channel. Partner search (European alcohol distributors) and direct buyer approach.

Market Communication
Spirit brand promotion – (on and offline) tastings, social media, dedicated category spirit trade shows, and country representation.

Access to growth capital
Support your distillery in the quest for distillery investments. Advice on developing distillery financial model, distillery business plan and distillery investment opportunities network.

Boosting Sustainability
Why is sustainability important? First, consumer trends and secondly, regulations are moving swiftly to transparency. So, we support your firm in implementing sustainability practices. Which include ISO 26000, Fair trade certification, Organic certification, Ethical Trade certification and B-Corp amongst others. Finally, we also provide (or link you to) technical support on
topics like energy, waste and water.